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Register for the webinar to learn more by clicking the image below.Roger will show you how it all works cheer12.gif

Opprtunity webinars are on Tuesdays.  8 PM-7 Central......... Everyone can attend.Bring your prospects.

At the verry bottom of my page is a webinar with all the tools and things that are comming out with D$D.January 2nd 2014 Video :)

                           busted_cop.gif Ok-We Are Live busted_cop.gif

New Update. Go down below to Recent Updates for the Coupon Codes FREE @Join Honey.Also 2 new webinar recordings.And one video on testimonials,and a peak at the back office.

Price tracking software preview for DS domination,so you can track it items go up on you.Awsome things coming out here:)

Webinar,sunday the 15th of december. Click HERE

First time a company that will support anyone to generate income online with just the product.
You don’t need to recruit people for making money! You, actually  just need to use the product to earn money!

At last,a program you can earn at your own pace and don't NEED to recruit.But im findingout everyone is as well so they have 2 income streams.rotflmao.gif

Here is the link to sign up to DS Domination.The add to cart will be beneth the video in a minute after going there.

Also you can check if its available in your country by going there and looking in the country drop down

Click HERE

See video below for 10 testimonials.

Join us on a webinar on tuesday nights questions and answers. Register HERE   This will be with the owner Roger Langille

We have other TEAM WEBINARS as well where you can learn even more.Join our skype room formore information. Add me and mention DSD to get access...  scott.houge1

And join us on my FACEBOOK GROUPS PAGE as well. Click HERE  ....Once a member,you can also addme on my main facebook page,and i can add you to Rogers facebook page that is named DS Domination Power Sellers.

As well,we discuss questions and answere here.And you can ask to be put into our skype room.Also I will have updates on anything new.Coming soon is facebook groups poster where you can advertise to groups all in one click..And also coming soon is a lead capture page,and auto responder.

This is for people wanting to do the affiliate end of the program as well.

We have a FORUM too. I believe the thread starter of it is no longer around,but you can scroll through the pages,and look over the details on the program ..Click HERE to go to the Forum... kicking.gif

My username is mick97 in the forum.

Don't forget to check back on recent updates from the Admin,and new releases below.


The time has changed as of 10/15/13

Opprtunity webinars are on Tuesdays.  8 PM-7 Central......... Everyone can attend.Bring your prospects.

Pro webinars are Wednesdays (link in "Live Training" under the Pro section for members)= 8-9 pm eastern

Elite webinars are wednesday now as well....(link in "Live Training" under the Elite section) 10-11pm eastern

The last two are for members only. Once a member you can find them in your back office.

Here is the registration Link for our Tusday opportunity webinars.

Click Here

See charts down below for more details on the program as far as commissions
on the referring commissions.This is for the affiliate side of things.
Ebay is a secondary source of income.So 2 ways to earn.

DS Domination Signup Page

Click Here

                                                          New Recorded Webinars

The Below Links are For Webinar Recording:

Webinar Recording link #1 [last Updated: Tuesday, November 14th]

Click Here

Webinar Recording link #2 [last Updated: Tuesday, October 22nd]

Click Here

The Below Link is For Live Webinar Registrations:

Click Here

We have an active skype room with alot of people in it.It is very usefull forquestions and answers.Add me and I will drop you into the room.


New facebook groups software is going to come out for everyone once it is done.I'll post here

once that happens.This will let you post to many groups at one time.

Here is a list of what some of the options are...

                         Recent Update's from the Admin

Update on the system with D$-Domination :)
Pro ($19.95) and Elite ($99) are monthly payments so they're commissioned monthly.
These are going to be done daily instead of weekly now,so that will help the flow of cash coming in :)

Get a signup today,and it goes to pending today,instead of a week later.

I-payout will be implimented soon...Very cheap way to get your funds as I have used them before..I think its like a buck or 2,to get funds if I remember right...

iPayout (as far as I know) is the only platform they are using....but from within iPayout, you canrequest a check, send to debit card, ACH to your bank, or even send to STP (I think)..

Possibly around the 24th or so this will be available to us for I-payout.

Unleashed ($279), monopoly ($499), and marketing xtreme ($199) are one time payments,and one time commissions.
Extreme is to be released hopefully by tomorrow for everyone to use.

Right now leads are running 1.80 - 1.85ish  price will vary as their traffic suppliers' prices vary.

Other option....

That is the funnel that is going on behind the scenes....  they will get an email drip campaign,

they will automatically be registered for the next live webinar, they will get system emails

that the webinar is coming up, they will be followed around the Internet (like on facebook or

other places where paid ads are displayed) to see ads for DSD......  and may even end in an

auto-dial phone campaign.

Remember,once you sign up,your webinar link in your back office is tagged to you :) Sweet.

1.80 1.85 per lead is from the company..On auto pilot...You can also advertise the splash pages

yourself and drive traffic to yourself,or the splash page,and they will

be treated just like the bought ones :)

October 10th

From Roger...........



October 13th

Just in as I speak.....................................................
There will be internal DSD co-ops.....(coming to your platform in the near future). Keep an eyeopen for it.I will update here once I have the details cheer12.gif

             Added Today :) Join Honey.
Wow I found this Chrome plugin That searches the internet for Coupon codes, it works on
Amazon and a few of the sites in Elite ..... !!! I didn't think it would work or find a code but it
found me a code that took off $35.00 off the item price!!! That mean $35 Extra Profit For Me!!!!!
Get the Free Plugin at http://joinhoney.com/
Wow I found this Chrome  plugin That searches the internet for Coupon codes, it works on Amazon and a few of the sites in Elite ..... !!! I didn't think it would work or find a code but it found me a code that took off $35.00 off the item price!!! That mean $35 Extra Profit For Me!!!!!   Get the Free Plugin at http://joinhoney.com/
WOW!!!! you ROCK!!!
  •  Nice! Thanks for the share
  • you are the best.
  •  So could our customers potentially use this and get a discount from what they are
    buying from us and we take a hit?
    No it is not on ebay, its when you go to buy the item.. you will not get a code every
    time but you will find some ....
    I just used it to test out a Kenneth cole men's jacket, was $125, it took of $25
  •  I know that's so cool...thanks for sharing, as soon as I saw your post, I installed it
    You have to use Google Chrome
    Way Cool!!! Thanks so much!!
  •  Man what other tricks you got man! This is awesome Thanks
     I use Firefox, may have to change that.
     Thanks so much. Wonderful!
    sweet sweet find, thank you
     how do u use it
     once the plugin is installed in your Chrome browser, it will automatically populate on the
    order page of whatever site you are on. Just click on it and it will find the best promo
    code for the product and apply it. I just tried it in Amazon and it took $19.60 off of a $98 product.

Everyone should just start at the 19.95 level.But you do NOT have to...Get familiar with how touse the system.Then you can upgrade to a higher package(optional) that gives you a heck of alot more items you can sell on ebay,with additional sources.Also if your going to let people know aboutthe secondary income (promoting your DS link) Here is something to consider.  If you get 10 peopleunder you at the next(elite) package,you get %50 of 100 bucks.So 10 x $50.00 is $500.00 a month for promoting the other end of the business,which is just that. Promoting it.So it is passive if you choose,and you will still make a very nice income.Actually some want to start at the elite because you get more places to get going on...:)


WHAT IS DS Domination?

DS is a dropshipping program and training that has been put together by Roger Langille who

has been a top seller on EBay almost 10 year and was doing more than 7 figures a year!

NO out of pocket expenses to get the items.You just cut and paste the items listed on amazon,

and place them in your ebay seller account.So you never actually handle the product

In the blueprint you will learn how to buy cheap in amazon and other places and sale high in eBay .
You can start for $20 per month and begin earning an income by simply

copying products from one site to another.

Alot of big leaders like te le monde are promoting this program so there is a big

chance that it would be very leading program.

If you decide to refer people to the program you can earn a very nice residual income:
Earn 50% on Level 1 - So refer 2 and it is free!
Earn 10% on Level 2
Earn 5% on Level 3
Earn 3% on Level 4
Earn 2% on Level 5
Earn 1% on Level 6 to 10

Theres not alot to this business. You join,mabe bring some people in under you so you make

commissions as well,and then go to ebay and start selling stuff cheer12.gif

So a 2 for one program indeed :)

And when you get 2 people at 19.95 a month,it pays for itself,

and you are not out of pocket anymore. Awsome

Remember,anyone can do this at home.No products to ship,as they are drop shipped!

Great extra income for anyone.All you need to do is get a paypal account if you do

not have one.The videos in the course you buy go step by step.


The charts below are for the commission side of being an affiliate.

If you only join for the selling on ebay,these charts are not for you.

What money you make on ebay is all yours of course :)

Made a 100% generic video with no links in video nor in the description for everyone to leverage. In this video I shared the market buying trend as well as 10+ testimonials of folks profiting within 24 hrs of signing up in DSD,and a peak at the back office of DS domination.


# of customers

Average sales

Total sales

Commission %

Your commission




































































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